Monday, February 15, 2010

Feeling the Need for Spring by FiveSparrows

I live in Northwest Iowa and this winter has been so…..long!  It came early and has seemed to stay forever!  We got snowed in at Christmas, there were a couple weeks where the kids had more snow days than actual school days , and now when I shovel my drive I have to throw the snow over my head to the piles!  The weather forecast for this weekend is, of course, more snow!  I like winter, but even for me all this white is getting to be a bit much!  So, I head down into my little basement studio and start dreaming of spring creations.  Yellow flowers, green shamrocks and red breasted robins-and  I start to feel hopeful again.  After all, winter can't last forever-even in Northwest Iowa!


knewf said...

Boy I can agree... My granddaughter is complaining because she is really missing her running time, but it's been too beastly cold and too beastly icy!