Sunday, May 16, 2010

Waverly Art Walk 2010

Let the craft show season being!
On Saturday May 1st two members of the Iowa Etsy team participated in the Waverly Art Walk 2010 show.  Aside from some gusty winds and mild sun burns this show had great traffic.  It was great to see the Waverly community support the art community.    There were great artist at this show.  

Cole Art Pottery
Wheel-thrown Stoneware Art Pottery
Douglas Cole
Sumner, IA

Steve Hunter Design
Illustration and Design for Advertising
Cedar Falls

Dave Leeper
Cedar Rapids

Prange's Fabric Pictures
Hand Apppliqued Wall Hangings 
Greeting Cards
Meg Prange

JK Creative Wood

Hand Mard Art
Brad Howland
Cedar Falls

Bent Thoughts
Metal Garden Sculptures

Waverly Art Bus
Displays art work done by Middle and High School students from Waverly and the surrounding areas.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's New at Iowa Etsy?

Here a look at all the great new pieces from Iowa Etsy!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hoping the Luck of the Irish will Bring Us Spring

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Favorite Pieces

Most people have that one piece in their shops that secretly they hope doesn't sell because it's their personal favorite.  Here are our favorite pieces and the reasons we love them.

Royal Fringed Stole- Hand Woven

it was probably the most challenging one and I must admit that I like technical challenges. The great difficulty with this one was that each quality of threads, and there are 11 different types of threads in this piece, has a unique elasticity and they are all different, so getting a nice flat and beautiful piece was quite something. I also like it because it is so regal and I spent so much time on it that it is very special to me.

all-in-one baby change pad / diaper bag

I like this particular one because of the colours. But really, it's my favourite because the first one I made was to save myself a lot of headaches!

Yellow Pearl and Brown Glass Necklace


This one is currently my favorite due to the yellow shell and pearl beads included in the necklace. They way they are highlighted by the dark brown beads makes me think of sunshine.

Girl's Day Out-Abstract and Recycled Stained Glass Sculpture


This piece is totally different than everything else I have made, and I really enjoyed the creative process involved in making it. I also had fun making use of a favorite bowl that I normally would have just thrown away. Plus, I wish I could have super curly hair like this girl! I want to make more like this sculpture, but just haven't found the right starting piece yet...maybe I should break more bowls!


Here's my fave for the moment. I like the simplicity of the bird design. It's colorful and bright with just a touch of vintage appeal. I also like the packaging. The sturdy little box wrapped in twine and trimmed with a small tag makes it perfect for gift giving.

Desert Flower Set


I love this one because of the way the light rose crystal beads set off

the green aventurine beads I used. I'm also quite partial to the brass

findings used in this set. :)

I love what this necklace represents to me personally.  I made it to represent my love for Micheal Jackson and his music.

Embroidered Teddy Bear

I love making stuffed toys, it's how I learned to sew when I was a child. I love how this one combines my love of quilting fabric and embroidery within a huggable teddy bear. It's a great proportion, nice looking bear in a good size for little kids to hug, but also pretty enough that he could just sit in your house looking good!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feeling the Need for Spring by FiveSparrows

I live in Northwest Iowa and this winter has been so…..long!  It came early and has seemed to stay forever!  We got snowed in at Christmas, there were a couple weeks where the kids had more snow days than actual school days , and now when I shovel my drive I have to throw the snow over my head to the piles!  The weather forecast for this weekend is, of course, more snow!  I like winter, but even for me all this white is getting to be a bit much!  So, I head down into my little basement studio and start dreaming of spring creations.  Yellow flowers, green shamrocks and red breasted robins-and  I start to feel hopeful again.  After all, winter can't last forever-even in Northwest Iowa!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Just Can't Wait for it to be Spring!

I don't know about the rest of you in Iowa but I'm ready to say goodbye to winter!  Here are some great spring items from the Iowa Etsy team!

Grow Where You're Planted Print 8 x 10

Mary and Her Little Lamb - A layered glass suncatcher

Jungle Juice Beadwove Bracelet

The Yellow Rose original acrylic painting

WOOLY WORM bracelet, --Exploring Aqua no. 4-- one of a kind, fabulous bracelet

Vintage Fresh from the Farm tin


flower power purse

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Iowa Etsy's Valentine's Day Lovelies